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The Cr.FFA exam is a computer based exams of 200 multiple-choice questions. Candidates must pass with a minimum of 80%. The Cr.FFA Exam is written anytime the candidate completes all the modules. At the end of the program candidates will master basic and advanced knowledge in the following broad fraud and forensic accounting disciplines consisting of 7 modules with over 48 lessons;

1. Overview of Fraud and Forensic Accounting
2. Fraud Investigation
3. Gathering, Obtaining and Evaluating Evidence
4. Litigation and Expert Witnessing
5. Auditors and Management Responsibilities
6. Computer and Digital Forensics
7. Fraud and Forensic Accounting Engagement

Students are required to complete one lesson a week to complete the entire 48 lessons within 12 months and take the final Cr.FFA exam at the end of the 48th lesson. Upon payment of fees you get direct instant download access to the Cr.FFA study guide which contains over 735 pages lecture notes and the Cr.FFA Certification Guide (295 pages) which contains over 1,000 Multiple-choice questions out of which 200 questions will be selected at random for the final Cr.FFA exam. It is highly recommended that students complete the entire 7 modules and 48 lessons by reading first the study for each lesson and practice with the Certification guide according to the modules and lessons respectively before appearing for final Cr.FFA exam.

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