The International Institute of Certified Forensic Accountants, Inc. IICFA - USA formerly (Association of Chartered Certified Forensic Accountants, ACCFA) is an international organization for Professional Forensic Accountants, Professional Forensic Investigators and Auditors. The IICFA is incorporated in the USA under the State laws of Delaware.

The IICFA is an examination, licensing and regulatory body which is also registered in Ghana as a professional body in accordance with the provisions of the Professional Bodies Registration Decree, 1973 (NRCD 143). The Institute is the sole professional body in Ghana backed by legislative decree to regulate and license practitioners engaged in the Financial Forensics Profession.

The IICFA awards the CCFA, CGFA and the CFP Credentials to only individuals who have passed the rigorous qualifying examinations held by the Institute.

The Chartered Certified Forensic Accountant, CCFA is the Flagship Credential of the IICFA and the Certified Global Forensic Accountant, CGFA is designed for Forensic Accounting Generals. The Certified Forensic Professional (CFP) designation is awarded to all professionals outside the Financial Forensics domain. The CFP designation is currently available to experts in the Legal, Medical and Engineering Forensics domain. The IICFA credentials are the global standard for Professional Forensic Education, Certification and Accreditation globally.

IICFA is also a pioneer member of the International Federation of Forensic Accountants and Auditors, IFFAA and founding member of the Forensic Auditors Certification Board (FACB) in England and Wales.
IICFA’s mission is to promote Forensic Accounting Education, Certification,Accreditation and Training Globally.
The vision of IICFA is to be the reference point and global standard in Forensic Accounting Accreditation, Education and Certification Globally