CCFA Capstone Certification Program Launched

The International Institute of Certified Forensic Accountants (USA), CCFA Credential is a series of evaluation exams, designed for the development of Professional Forensic Accountants. Endorsed by leading university programs, and industry firms, it is the global standard for Forensic Accounting Practitioners.

Built by a broad coalition of industry leaders to reflect the mission and objectives of the IICFA, and to establish the leading form of education, accreditation and certification in the Forensic Accounting profession. The CCFA Capstone program count candidates from over hundred countries.

To earn the CCFA Certification through the Capstone route, you must pass a five part certification exam, earning a score of eighty percent or better on each part. You may study for and take each part of the Exam separately. However, all five part exams must be taken within a thirty day period after taken the first exam. Before taking the CCFA Certification Exams however, please ensure you meet the prerequisites for the certification exam. These include a Chartered Accountant Credential (CPA, ACCA, CA and CIMA) with three years minimum experience in finance, auditing, investigation, accounting, security and law enforcement, compliance, digital forensics or cyber security.

The five part online CCFA Capstone Certification Exam covers the following five papers:

1. Advanced Forensic Accounting
2. Fraud Audit and Assurance
3. Computer Forensics & Cyber Crime
4. Compliance, Ethics and Governance
5. Criminal Investigation

For more information kindly download the CCFA Capstone Certification Guide here: The IICFA-CCFA Credential_Candidate Guide

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