CCFA Professional Exams Syllabus Revised – Effective 2019


The International Institute of Certified Forensic Accountants, Inc (IICFA), USA is pleased to announce that the Chartered Certified Forensic Accountant (CCFA) professional examination syllabus has been revised.

The revision is in line with changing trends in the global economy and the professional forensic accounting education fraternity.

The following are the papers for the new syllabus;

Professional Level 1
1.1 Principles of Forensic Accounting
1.2 Principles of Fraud Examination
1.3 Financial Crime Investigation
1.4 Forensic Criminology & Legal Studies

Professional Level 2
2.1 Computer & Digital Forensics
2.2 Criminal Investigation
2.3 Corporate Fraud & Internal Audit
2.4 Corruption & Public Sector Fraud
2.5 International Financial Reporting
2.6 Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing

Professional Level 3
3.1 Advanced Forensic Accounting
3.2 Compliance, Ethics & Governance
3.3 Corporate Valuation & Financial Analysis
3.4 International Criminal Law
3.5 Fraud Audit & Assurance



    How many time/diet is the exam written in a year,And is their any waiver from the three level for a member of Chartered Accountant Body like ACCA,ICAN(Nig},ICAEW among others

    • Administrator

      Thank you very much for your inquiry. The CCFA Exams are written twice each year thus, in April and October respectively.

      Exemptions are offered on a subject by subject basis so if you have taken similar papers in your previous studies you can apply to be exempted from those papers accordingly.

  • Ephraim Binitie

    I have already gone through ICAN forensic certification exams do I need to sit for the same papers

    • Administrator

      Dear Ephraim,

      Thank you for your inquiry. You don’t have to sit for all the papers in the CCFA qualifying exams. However, you may qualify to enrol for the CCFA Capstone Certification exams which consists of only 5 papers at a cost of $900.

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