Enrolment is Opened for The 2019 CGFA SYLLABUS


The Certified Global Forensic Accountant (CGFA) Credential is a global Forensic Accounting Generalist with the right skill set of a global forensic accountant with diverse background in all aspect of Forensic Accounting.

IICFA’s CGFA Designation is a series of evaluation exams, designed for the development of Professional Forensic Accountants. Endorsed by leading university programs and industry firms, it is the global standard for Forensic Accounting Generalist.

The CGFA Exam Structure

Built by a broad coalition of industry leaders to reflect the mission and objectives of the IICFA and to establish the leading form of education, accreditation and certification in the Forensic Accounting profession, the CGFA count candidates from over 100 countries

To earn the CGFA Certification, you must pass an 8-part Exam, earning a score of 80% or better on each part. You may study for and take each part of the Exam separately. A minimum of two papers can be taken at a sitting. Before taking the CGFA Certification Exams however, please ensure you meet the prerequisites for certification. These include a minimum of a bachelors degree with 2 years minimum experience plus an Associate Membership of the IICFA. Those without a Bachelors Degree, but with a considerable years of professional experience shall be considered for enrolment.


1. Forensic Accounting & Fraud Investigation
2. Corporate Fraud & Internal Audit
3. Corruption & Public Sector Fraud
4. Computer & Digital Forensics
5. Criminal Investigation
6. Financial Crime Investigation
7. Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing
8. International Financial Reporting

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