CCFA Professional Level Two Exams

The Level 2 Exams consist of the following papers. Candidates must pass all Six (6) papers before moving on to level 3.
  •  2.1 Computer & Digital Forensics
  •  2.2 Criminal Investigation
  •  2.3 Corporate Fraud & Internal Audit
  •  2.4 Corruption & Public Sector Fraud
  •  2.5 International Financial Reporting
  •  3.6 Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing
After passing all papers in this level successful candidate shall receive their transcript and Level 2 Certificate of Completion which can allow them to enroll on other graduate level programs with our affiliate universities and also to be placed in industry to start gaining practical experience.

CCFA Exams Period and Format

The CCFA Exams are written twice every year in April and October respectively. The uniform CCFA exams is computer based and candidates must pass with a minimum of 80%. The Level 2 exams consists of 150 MCQS per paper.

Examination Fees

Exams Fees Per Paper
Level 2 $ 50
The Examination fees are subject to change.***

CCFA Exam Prep Resources

Below are the list of available study resources for CCFA enrolled students to prepare for their exams. Students can visit the online store to purchase any study resource of their choice.

Study Manual

Study Manual Fees Per Paper
Level 2 $ 30

Online Exam Prep Course (Includes study books)

Online Exam Prep Course Fees Per Paper
Level 2 $ 100
The Above fees are subject to change*