Mr. Zarodeen Essop


Zarodeen Essop is a highly experienced and qualified international investigator with more than 21 years of experience comprised of forensic auditing, criminal, crime scene and counter intelligence investigations gained through the South African law enforcement agency and international auditing firms. He has managed high profile and complex investigation in Afghanistan, Australia, Bahrain, Botswana, Congo, Nigeria, Qatar, South Africa, Swaziland and the United Arab Emirates relating to corruption, fraud, bribery, theft, forgery & uttering, conflict of interest, dispute related matters, etc. These investigations were conducted over different sectors such as Energy, Oil & Gas, Mining, Construction, Telecommunication, Transport, Banking, Public Works, Public Health, Defence and Donor Organisations. Zarodeen is experienced in managing whistleblowers, whistleblower reports and developing anti – fraud policies and procedures and has conducted investigations into whistleblower reports on the largest global internal audit account. Zarodeen has extensive exposure in the identification, collection, analysis and preservation of evidence, including the tendering of evidence in criminal and military courts and internal disciplinary hearings. He is experienced in working closely with internal and external legal teams, law enforcement agencies and court officials. He also facilitated on Specific Crimes (Corruption, Fraud, theft, etc.) on an advanced level to the South African law enforcement agency. He has managed investigation teams from different nationalities and fields of expertise. He has the following professional qualifications:

  • Certified Forensic Investigation Professional (CFIP)
  • Certified Anti – Corruption Consultant (CACC)
  • Certified Medical Investigation Professional (CMIP)
  • Chartered Certified Forensic Accountant (CCFA)

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