IICFA, USA and CIMS, USA signs a membership reciprocal agreement

IICFA, USA and CIMS, USA signs a membership reciprocal agreement

The IICFA is glad to inform its cherished students, members and stakeholders that the Institution has entered into a reciprocal agreement with the Chartered Institute of Management Specialist, USA, that upon completion of program of their respective Institutes, the members of each Institute can obtain membership of other Institute on reciprocal basis after payment of requisite transfer fee and completion of necessary formalities and requirements of other Institute as laid down and prescribed from time to time.

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  • Appiah-Kubie

    I studied with the Institute of Commercial Management-UK, Obtained a Graduate Diploma in Management Studies and an Advanced Diploma in HR Development.

    Strongly have interest for Forensic Accounting/Accountancy, so to practice and help deal with financial fraud and corruption in my part of the world where development has been taken for granted.
    Please, whats the way forward.

    Thank You.
    Kind regards
    Appiah-Kubie Owiredu.

  • IICFA Admin

    Dear Appiah-Kubie,

    Thank you for contacting the IICFA and for your interest in the Forensic Accounting Profession.

    Your career as a Professional Forensic Accountant begins with the right institution with relevant course structure that meets the demands of the skills-set required for the successful forensic accounting profession.

    For beginners we recommend that you enroll for the Certified in Fraud & Forensic Accounting (CERT.FFA) program to lay a strong foundation for the profession and thereafter you can progress to more advanced level professional programs.

    You can find detail information about the program by clicking on this link: http://iicfaglobal.com/course/certified-in-fraud-forensic-accounting-cert-ffa/ or click on the course section above. Download the candidate guide at the Cert,FFA section for all the necessary information including course modules, examination structure and course duration among others.

    Finally, kindly send a copy of your CV and academic certificates to studentship@iicfaglobal.com before you register for the program online.

    Thank you
    IICFA, Global

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